Leap and the net will appear.

– John Burroughs

Life gives us surprising obstacles, which can make us feel stuck, depressed, alone or scared. With therapeutic presence, creativity and guidance, we can change our relationship to obstacles and transform. Our darkest point often marks the moment we realize we want to change. You’re in the right place.

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Recent Blog Posts

On Meditation and Grief

Not feeling like oneself is an insufficient, or tepid descriptor for what many people feel when in a state of grief. Unraveled. Unhinged. Cracked open. These are better descriptors. We are cracked, and in moments of utter giving up, light and insight slip in. These...

Explorations in Practice: Finding a Balm in the Natural World

While practicing and teaching yoga in Bali in 2009, I realized after a month or two that I was lonely in a new way. I did have a few friends and a wonderful roommate, but I was comparatively, now, spending more time alone. Access to modern modes of media communication...

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